Fort Burt Hotel Restaurant

Breakfast Menu

Eggs - 2 eggs any style - $12.00

Scrambled, Sunny Side Up, Over-Easy or Poached with your choice of sausage ot toast( white or whole wheat), or an English Muffin

French Toast Island Style - $12.00

Served with your choice of bacon, sausage or ham

Fruit Bowl assorted seasonal fresh fruit - $7.00

Toast White, Whole Wheat or English muffin with assorted jelly's and jams - $4.50

Sides Bacon, Sausage, Ham - $2.00

Juice Pineapple, Cranberry, Orange, V8, Grapefruit, Tomato, Fruit Punch - $3.00

Bloody Mary - $6.00

Carafe of Tea / Coffee - $5.00

Bottled Water 500ml - $2.00


Please note for your convenience 15% service charge will be added to all Checks. Should you feel this is undeserved, please speak to the manager and it will be removed immediately.

Thank you for dining with us.