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During 17th Century, this Fort was built by the Dutch to provide optimum defense for Tortola's main port. Fort Burt was the first of many forts to be built around surrounding hillside. In 1776, the fort was rebuilt by the English. Named after William Burt, Governor of the Leeward Islands, this site is now Fort Burt Hotel, and Restaurant.

In 1953, Commander Christopher Hammersley and his entertainer wife built the first hotel on Tortola. This small cottage type building, was named Fort Burt Hotel. Fort Burt Hotel was then reconstructed by Paulina Dupont Stewartt in 1967, to an elegant facility of 7 rooms, suite, pool, restaurant and conference facility.

In 1989, Fort Burt Hotel was purchased by Roosevelt and Durene Smith. Realizing the need for additional services and modernization the facility, while maintaining the historical character of the site, Fort Burt Hotel was renovated and expanded in 1996. The enhanced and majestic Fort has been preserved, embraces the rustic past, for many year to come for guest to enjoy. Located in the capital, Road Town, Fort Burt Hotel offers standard and deluxe rooms, as well as suites and suites with private pools all with breathtaking views.